Detail Shirt

The Werner Scherer detail shirt is made for those who understand. For the lover. That which best captures the interest of a lover, an Italien shirt. Hand stitched, firmly sown luxurious Mother Pearl buttons finished with button button holes that was done in a time consuming process that takes even longer than the production of an entire series of shirts.

With allowing oneself to embrace the experience, whilst enjoying a glass of  Prosecco. Once certainly cant help but to transported back in time to “Casanovas”, perfect tailoring. Being confronted with the extreme comfortability of such a shirt, you realize the immense passion that lies bedded within the tailoring of this shirt.

After a long day of work you certainly need not defend the comfort of such a shirt. It speaks for itself, even when temperatures are high and a tie around the neck. It is then that feel and notice the quality of the material “Amore mio”.


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