The art of the stitches

An almost invisible, extremely short and delicate stitch of the seam is the distinguishing characteristic of a Scherer Shirt. Twelve stitches in one centimetre.

The side seams are only 3mm wide and due to it´s delicacy requires three manuel work processes. Seam ends with fine and feather thin reinforced licking, almost invisible.

Harmonious visual effect with Hand Skilled attributes


The WERNER SCHERER shirt is unique also because of it`s trusted pattern combination of stripes and checks.

Whether the arm has folds or the the pockets, or the plackets, the rule remains:  “Always absolute accuracy and each process aligned with the other”.


Master of tayloring

Real hand stitched buttonholes is the true sign of elegance. Every button is completely handmade.

First the buttonhole chisel gets cut in, then with great care gets sown in.

From Individuality to Unique


WERNER SCHERER offers the service: Individual styling. This is an increasingly rare service.

Bring to life your own ideas, from the shape of the collar to the cuffs and pockets, the strength of the deposits, the distance of the stepp stitch to the edges. The variations of the back and body shape. In this way the requirements of the client and all the components that is needed to create a shirt comes together.