Over two-hundred meticoulous work steps are necessary for producing a genuine WERNER SCHERER shirt. Following information will show you how the concept of a WERNER SCHERER shirt to complete "the picture" which is titled: 

Shirts entirely made by hand

The art of stitching

Seams with twelve stitches on one centimetre are just one of the many characteristics of quality.

According to the fineness of the side seams, which are only three millimeters wide, three manufacturing processes by hand are needed.

A filigree "little house" strengthens the ends of the side seams as well as the front and back join.

Handcrafted quality for harmonic components


The specialist knowledge and professional secrets passed on over generations justify the unique reputation by the Italian seamstresses.

A further plus: All parts are made true to pattern.

The Art of Tayloring


The buttonwholes for the handsawn mother-of-pearl buttons are stitched by hand.


First the fabric will be opened by a buttonwhole-gauge and then overcasted accurately by hand. 


The variety of shirts in stock will statisfy even the most demanding requirements.



The bespoke shirts can reflect the customer's individuality even more. There are practically no limits when choosing the shape, height and stiffness of the collars and cuffs, the preferred cut, the hand-embroidered initials, or the characteristics spacing of the almost invisible backstitch seams for the collar and cuff edge.


To wear such a shirt is not only a sign of stylish elegance, it also declares the owner's membership of a select circle: that of the real gentlemen.