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In a world where everything seems to be the same and mass produced we are proud to create every time a unique piece of garment. Our scissors don’t cut a single piece of cloth without the customer in mind. Our quality check system always guarantee an impeccable product as we personally follow all the production processes of each single piece of garment. We take pride in offering a high profile customer service based on continuous dialogue and on mutual trust. Our retailers have to feel themselves as part of Saint Gregory world and part of our project: we want everyone to be able to live the experience of a true tailored garment.

Our suits and jackets are produced according to two different production methods:

Bespoke: this is a geometric cut that is processed by the measurements of the the body. The delivery of the finished garment takes place after the necessary tests done on the client, usually two or three tests. For the realization of this type of product, it’s fundamental the experience of the tailor and his presence on the spot. He works on the posture and on the physical characteristics of the client and models the dress up to create a garment that fits perfectly.


Tailored – made to measure: this is a cut realized from a standard size. The acquisition of the order is done with measuring instruments that we supply to our clients. These instruments are standard size test suits from which the
tailor starts to identify the correct size of the customer. Starting from the size detected, then, we create the suit that fits
the client’s features (usually we provide only one test before delivery or, in some cases, the direct delivery of the final

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