Made to measure – Stylishly dressed

Those who value perfectly shaped clothing, needs time and money. They also prove their own style. Made to measure offers the wearer the possibility of developing his own personal statement.

A beautifully tailor made three peace suit makes a stylish statement.

As the saying goes “dress for the job that you want to have”, so the best suit you have is almost good enough. Remember good clothing adds to a very positive overall impression.


A classic made to measure suit is simply the most stylish clothing a man could wear. Millimetre precision to the shape, in combination with a distinguished pocket square and workmanship guaranteeing the highest comfort. The cut of a good made to measure suit looks natural. This simply translates that suit s optimally brings the figure of the wearer to the forefront. Only with problematic figures are little changes to be made.



When selecting the peace that is to be made, an example peace and possible shape is determined. This way your unique peace is created. This all takes place in personal conversation. The personal preference of the client has absolute priority. Some like to feel chosen material in a tight fitting cut, some prefer a bigger range of motion. A little more loose fitting.


The exclusive material, the stylish accessoires like the hand stitched monogram of the wearer, the type of buttons, the colour of the lining or the inside of the blazer, extra pockets for example gives the blazer an entirely individual feeling.

Enjoy the feeling of uniqueness and make an appointment, so that we can professionally advice you. Please do calculate with 1-1 and a half hours. After this made-to-measure session you can look forward to receiving in 6 – 8 weeks later, your own individual Suit/Jacket/Blazer.