Suits & Blazers

If you prefer light and delicate or more traditional fabrics, you will most definitely find „YOUR“material that suits your needs.


Already finished suits and jackets are also produced. They have there lengths open to ensure the ideal shape and length for the client. Once the suit or jacket has been purchased the adjustments to the arm length and pants are then done. Blazers have their button holes at the arm, done by hand so that they can also be opened when needed. The horsehair deposits are not glued but loose. This let’s the material fall better. The chest and lapels are peeved by hand so that the shape of the collar optimally follows the overall form.


This refined blazer/jacket achieves highest standard due to it being a tailor’s artwork in the house WERNER SCHERER .


Clients with their own individual requirements can enjoy this unmatched comfortability of their perfectly tailor made item at WERNER SCHERER.